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RESCUE DUCK will be release on July 9th in the game



RESCUE DUCK is coming!  You could claim it from “Daily Sign-in” at 00:00AM on July 9th (GMT+7).
Nothing is more interesting than Summoning a Duck from under the water!

Equipment Effect
Deploy and ride a RESCUE DUCK which lasts for several seconds. Picking up a teammate will increase its duration; The RESCUE DUCK can be used to rescue and carry away a dying teammate. Both the user and the passengers may get off at any time.

Enjoy the missions,
The Mission Zero Team

About Mission Zero
Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game featuring blend-in and distinguished gameplay experience. It supports cross-platform play on iOS, Android, and PC. Players will assume the role of either invader or chaser as a game unfolds between the Sirius and the Mobius. Daring hide & seek, dazzling abilities and equipment combats, nerve-wracking escapes, all of this and more makes <Mission Zero> an intense experience in cloak-and-dagger operations!

Official website: https://www.missionzero.game/

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