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Servers Closed of CBT on Nov 16th 00:00 (GMT +7)


The Closed Beta Test will formally end at 00:00 on Nov.16th (GMT+7). The game data will reset at the end of the test.

Mission Zero Closed Beta Test FAQ


Welcome to the CBT of Mission Zero.

GROWTH System Introduction for the upcoming CBT


The GROWTH system can help enhance the character's ability during the game.

TALENT System Introduction for the upcoming CBT


To make the competition even more intense, we add the TALENT system, which you can weapon yourself with on the preparation page. Now come to have a first look at the new system.

Mission Zero Regional CBT Announcement


We are glad to announce that our CBT is coming soon! Investigators, prepare yourself for the next mission.

Mobius Character Pando's Gameplay Trailer Release


Although Pando has a furry and cute face, he is a cranky little rascal. After joining Mobius, he becomes a big superstar. But the pressure of work makes him exhausted.

Servers Closed of Technical Test on July 11th 23:59 (GMT +7)


The technical test formally ended on July 11th, 2022 at 23:59 (GMT +7). Any game data created during testing will be deleted at the end. We are grateful for your support and understanding.

Mobius Character Murphy's Gameplay Trailer Release


Murphy is special among the Mobius as she never obeys the command, while it seems that people acquiesce in her difference. No one is willing to fight with the ‘QUEEN’ unless they want to be trampled under her feet.

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