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GROWTH System Introduction for the upcoming CBT


Hey Investigators,

Are U ready for the CBT closed at hand? Let us bring you the information about the updated GROWTH System.

The GROWTH system can help enhance the character's ability during the game. It has three stages, each of which will bring different character attribute improvements. Investigators can use GROWTH currency to unlock stages. The higher stage you unlock, the more GROWTH currency you need.



MOBIUS: The GROWTH system will enhance the effect of two skills owed by Mobius.
SIRIUS: The GROWTH system will improve character attributes(rescue ability or deciphering speed or others) or enhance the effect of the permanent equipment carried by Sirius.
Notes: the effect for both factions only works in a single match.



Players can obtain growth currency by performing positive actions.
MOBIUS: including decipher, disguise, rescue, etc.
SIRIUS: including skill strike, attacking Sirius, etc.


Get ready for the missions,
The Mission Zero Team

About Mission Zero
Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game featuring blend-in and distinguished gameplay experience. It supports cross-platform play on iOS, Android, and PC. Players will assume the role of either Spy or Hunter as a game unfolds between the Sirius and the Mobius. Daring hide & seek, dazzling abilities and equipment combats, nerve-wracking escapes, all of this and more makes <Mission Zero> an intense experience in cloak-and-dagger operations!

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