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Mobius Character Aya's Story Preview


Hi agents,

It's time to introduce our first Mobius character, the RAMPAGE GIRL: AYA.

As a delinquent juvenile girl with cute image, Aya has high popularity among people. She likes to stand in the spotlight and to swing her bat threatening enemies. Also, humming nursery rhymes during the flights is one of her prominent signature.

Aya is born with superior gene that makes her survive in hell-like Mobius test. Rumor has it that Aya has a sister, and she is the reason why Aya is dying to join the Mobius.

Desire to know more about Aya in the game? Just keeping your imagination and staying tuned in our next video-Aya's gameplay trailer!


Get ready for the mission,
The Mission Zero Team



About Mission Zero
Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game featuring blend-in and distinguished gameplay experience. It supports cross-platform play on iOS, android and PC. Players will assume the role of either invader or chaser as a game unfolds between the Sirius and the Mobius. Daring hide & seek, dazzling abilities and equipment combats, nerve-wracking escapes, all of this and more makes <Mission Zero> an intense experience in cloak-and-dagger operations!

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